Dr Rivet has cared for patients for over 22 years as a Naturopathic doctor

Pathology and Laboratory Diagnosis Instructor for 13 years

Chair of Nutrition at BINM for 6 years

Has taught throughout Canada 

An author and online educator

Avid Flamenco and Roadtrip fan


Not just a Doctor...


Many years ago Dr Rivet received a kidney transplant (actually 2 in the last 38 years). Having been a patient for some time before the transplants allow Dr Rivet to bring a deep understanding and authenticity to your care. 



Special Interest in: 


Internal Medicine

 Kidney and Cardiovascular Disease 

Dialysis and Transplantation 

Dialysis and Transplant Counselling

Rogerian/ Jungian


Trigger Point Release (Clinic Only)

Sore Hips, Weak Legs, and Hip Replacements