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"Hi Dr Rivet !

Thank you so much for your extensive presentation on kidney disease. Through your sharing of your experience and expertise, I feel more confident and prepared to address the questions and concerns of my patients regarding this condition that I see often in my family medicine practice. You delved into all of the most important Naturopathic interventions that we have at our disposal. Your explanation of this complex issue was thorough and easily understood and I am grateful that I took the time to learn even more than I was expecting !"

Dr. Candice Griffith, BSc, ND

Terrace BC




This 2-hour lecture will cover the 8 main aspects of treating kidney patients within an integrative care context. It will explore contemporary pathophysiology which allows for a more focused therapeutic targeting and management. Application options including nutrition, herbals, acupuncture, homeopathics, standard of care as well as testing will be discussed to give the attendee gains a clearer understanding of applications for this patient population. Including dialysis. A systems biology approach is taken.


  • By the end of the lecture, attendees should have a more solid foundational understanding of more common kidney diseases, their processes, and clinical presentations.

  • The attendee will have a clearer understanding of extrarenal influences that may have an important impact on the renal dysfunction in question.

  • The attendee will have gained insight into renal nutrition, herbal applications as well as possible acupuncture and homeopathic applications.

  • A deeper understanding of the importance of vagal tone and inflammation as it related to the kidney patient.

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