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Naturopathic Approaches to Kidney Disease
Dr Quinn Rivet ND

The first version of NAKD was written in the year 2000 and few additions have been made since. All the main concepts hold true today as they did 18 years ago, some even more so e.g. kidney gut connection in IgA nephropathy. Nephrologic science in the last 15 years has made great strides in the understanding of kidney disease yet therapies have fallen far behind expected outcomes.


 Several non-pharmacological treatments have come to light that could help many kidney patients e.g. galactose for certain FSGS patients. As well, as certain plant phenolics can be used in conjunction with state-of-the-art treatments.

This compilation of information is designed to provide the naturopathic practitioner with insights into the fundamental pathophysiological mechanisms within the context of renal disease. It is also intended to provide suggestions for therapeutic orientation(s) toward the renal patient as may be seen by the naturopathic practitioner.


Throughout each section are boxes denoted as "Therapeutic Points", these boxes contain general therapeutic suggestions based on the information contained within the pertinent section as well as the literature references relevant to the renal issue in question.


This book contains all the main therapeutic concepts used in naturopathic medicine with references and will give the reader practical starting points, especially if in conjunction with the online course.


The big difference with the book at this point is the addition of podocytopathies. The podocyte, now known to be an integral player in glomerular diseases and as such, we now have more specific therapeutic targets with rational.

If you are a layperson this book can give you invaluable information especially if working with an alternative practitioner. Please always work with a licensed practitioner.


NAKD with the latest editions includes over 1500 references, and many illustrations to help the reader understand the therapeutic rationale and applications thereof.

The cost includes shipping and handling which usually runs around $20.00 Canadian.

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