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Cardiovascular and
Heart and vascular disease is one of the most prominent health issues among Canadians. 
Predisposing factors like diabetes, hypertension, high blood fat levels, smoking, and being chronically overweight all contribute to it. 
To prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and diabetes my practice uses different forms of natural therapies along with your MD's prescription drugs.
One aspect I focus on is getting your oxidative stress (Reactice Oxygen  Species also known as ROS)  under control with diet, supplements and even some drugs help with this. By getting your ROS under control it can help take the stress off your vessels, kidneys, eyes and help with blood sugar control. We do this by diet, certain supplements and herbals that have been shown via scientific investigation to help with vessel and thus heart health.
IV therapy with different nutrients can also help with blood sugar,vessel and heart health.
All different aspects of lifestyle, diet and in-clinic therapies can help prevent and support a good healthy cardiovascular system.
Taking care of inflammation is key to optimal cardiovascular and diabetes treatment, an aspect now known to directly contribute to cardiovascular disease.
Of course emotional stress has a huge impact on cardiovascular health and we will need to address that aspect as well.
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