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Diet and Digestion

Low Acid or Enzymes

Improper Diet (genetics)

Emotional Stress/Lifestyle

Imbalanced Gut Bacteria

Gut Yeast

Poor Liver Detoxification

Ileioecal Valve

Leaky Gut


A cornerstone of naturopathic medicine is diet. One of the most important aspect of health is eating a diet that is right for you. Poor diet has been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies, poor immune response, migraines, skin disorders, etc.
Gut health has had a lot of attention lately, however naturopaths have been looking at this aspect of health for over 80 years and have always taken gut/digestive health into consideration when dealing with system issues.
Leaky gut is a big buzz word these days and tests are available to see if you truly have it. By treating the gut with supporting diet and nutrients we can get at a root cause of many systemic disorders.
One connection that has been studied as of late is the connection between gut health and psychology i.e. depression, anxiety, even autism and ADHD. The gut houses billions of friendly microbes, if the population of the friendly bacteria is off, it can have a serious impact on how the brain works and thus how you feel. By keeping a healthy gut through good digestion and healthy gut tissue with a personalized diet, short-term supplementation and good lifestyle choices, one can treat overall health including depression, anxiety, GERD, skin disorders and even certain kidney issues have been linked to poor gut health.
We do in-house testing to look for gut imbalances, give us a call lets get started!
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