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I played back catcher since I was 8 years old, played for provincial leagues and  by the time my late teens hit I had arthritis in my left hip.
Over the years I had not just hip pain but radiating pain down my thigh into my lower leg and stiff low back too. By the time I was 41 I had to have a full hip replacement.
Over the years I tried many different therapies including message which worked to a point.
12 years ago I started using something called Neural therapy to get at all my trigger points in my thigh and leg which for me worked like a charm! My leg would loosen right up so I could get to my alignment issues with my ankle and knee.
Neural Therapy consists if injecting small amounts of anesthetic (about .5 ml) into the trigger point to release the trigger point. This in turn loosens the muscles which takes the strain off the joint and allows for better results for aligning the rest of the leg i.e. the ankle-knee-hip complex as well as taking off the lower back stress.
The above diagrams pretty much show the possible patterns of referred pain in the lower extremity that neural therapy does well with.
You don't have to have a bad hip joint to experience leg pain patterns like these, an ankle could be off, low back miss alignment, other muscle issues causing pain or even pent up emotions can cause pain patterns such as the above patterns.
If you have any of the above pain patterns neural therapy, more than likely, can help. I work with chiropractors, osteopaths and message therapist.
Interested in learning more? Give the clinic a call or schedule a brief appointment to see if neural therapy is for you.
Neural therapy is also great for releasing stiff necks and traps.
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