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Basics of IV Therapy
What is IV Therapy?
My clinics Intravenous Therapy (IV) is the technique of  putting nutrients (B-vitamins, Minerals, Vitamin C, sometimes amino acids) directly into the blood stream by inserting a small needle into a vein. The solution is dripped slowly while you sit in a nice lazy-boy-like chair listening to beautiful music.
What Can It Help with?
I have used IV therapy for the last 16 years for fatigue (not due to anemia or thyroid), muscle cramping, non-renal/non-central hypertension, immune support, support during times of high stress and anxiety, anti-cancer support, jet lag, pre/post vacation or party episodes, post delivery, pre-post exam support, insomnia, chronic infection(s), post surgery support, metabolic support e.g. metabolic syndrome, liver support e.g. elevated liver enzymes. Of course one is assessed first before any IV therapy is started to see if its right for you.
IV therapy can either be a small IV push that takes about 15 minutes for general support or large volumes e.g. 500 ml for delivery of large amounts of nutrients like vitamin C in cancer patients. 
Is It Dangerous?
No. In the 16 years doing IV therapy there have only been 3 people who have experienced fainting. IV applicants are thouroghly checked for contraindications (e.g. advanced heart, kidney,brain disease, G6PD deficiency,  and allergies). Treatments are given slowly. Each treatment is monitored and stopped if needed.
Is There Any Science Behind It?
Why some medical proffessionals tend to say there is not evidence is beyond me, yes there is. 
Here's a small but relevant one: "Intravenous Vitamin C administration reduces fatigue in office workers: a double-blind randomized controlled trial. Nutrition journal 2012. This is only one but if you go to the IV vitamin C page there are 43 more. There are more but those are the ones I choose to add to the site. Also I have used it myself for 16 years and clinically applied it for 16 years and I can tell you one of the reasons its popular now is that when given when needed, it makes people feel great especially when worn down by disease, stress or lifestyle.
What Can I Expect?
Your first visit, if just for IV, will be a screening which consists of a general history and intake, screening for allergies and signing of an informed consent including information about cost.  After that you will be taken to out super comfy IV room and made comfortable (if doing just an IV push it may be done in a regular room). Once your all set I will explain whats happening, whats in your solution and put the IV in myself. You will sit for 30-60 minutes depending on the amount of volume being used. After that we take your BP, see how your doing, wait for a bit, get you whatever you need and off you go, that's it, nothing complicated.
Can High Dose Vitamin C Cause Kidney Stones?
In those predisposed to kidney stones (especially calcium oxalate) some studies say yes some say no. However we typically don't give high dose vitamin C in those prone to kidney stones. The B6 in the solution can actually help with oxalate metabolism but non-the-less I don't give high doses either way.
What is the Cost?
The costs range from $55.00 for IV pushes to $220 for IV drips that have lots of ingredients and take 90 minutes to give.
How Many Treatment Do I Need?
Anywhere from one, to 1/week for 3 weeks to 4 weeks or if a cancer patient 2-3 IV drips/week for 6-8 weeks (this is what they did in the studies). It really depends, if your wiped out from stress or crazy lifestyle count on about 1-2 treatments/week for 1-2 weeks. It all depends on how you feel. Some folks come in 1/month for "boosts". Again all depends on your needs and how you respond, some folks feel that they only need one treatment and that makes them feel much better as it helps with sleep and gets them over the hurtle they are working on.
How Do I Know If IV Therapy Would Be Good For Me?
OK, if you'v been under lots of stress, your into exercise and have done some major running, studying like crazy and been eating poorly, have gut issues, Infections that you just cant shake, on a restricted diet, have been suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, been in chronic pain, had major surgery or have certain types of cancer; IV therapy may be right for you.
You see all the above can cause low-grade/sub-clinical deficiencies or amp-up the bodies requirements for nutrients and if your not eating or absorbing nutrients well, then IV can surly help.
What About When They Say Taking Vitamins and Mineral Just Makes Your Pee More Expensive? 
Technically so does a really nice lobster dinner. But seriously, what that statement is trying to point out is that the supplements don't really help and that you just pee them out. Completely false!! Especially if you'v been sick for a while, under heavy oxidative stress, have inflamed bowels, on certain medications (proton pump inhibitors), have certain types of cancer, been eating poorly for some time or even eating a typical diet...all these may response positively to IV nutrient therapy, have some science behind them as well as my 22 years of clinical experience and my own experience using nutrient IV therapy. You see, all of the mentioned issues may have damaged transport mechanisms and therefor you may not be able to absorb or uptake nutrients at the regular rate/amount (e.g. methylation process), so you need more than usually for a bit a time to get things back in balanced. Its true, you will have more expensive urine but you will also have more expensive blood and tissue.
**Note: If your medical doctor has concerns I will send them all the information I have and work with them with full transparency. 
What is Dr. Rivet's Experience With IV Therapy?
My experience is a little different than the average bear. I started doing needling when I was 16 years old. Because I was on kidney dialysis at that time, the dialysis nurses taught me how to put a needle into my own arm for dialysis treatment. My dialysis buddies would, at times, work on each others needling if we were tired or the nurses were busy. So I learned early and learned different techniques for different issues and really got to know veins and most importantly, the limitations. I would hang-out with IV team when I was kid and watch them and just get to know the basics and theory. I would say about 20% of those wanting IV therapy I don't accept for one reason or another, mostly because of small, frail veins. In 2000 I took my first certification for IV therapy at the college of naturopathic medicine in Toronto when I was a clinical supervisor there. We where taught by a certified IV nurse and had our practical exam as well. In 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010, 2011 I helped supervise IV courses in BC. So I have about 16 years doing IV therapy and needling. Not to worry you in good hands.
What If I Can't Afford it or Do a Whole Series Because I'm Off Work or on Disability?
If I could do this for free I would however economics being what they are its pretty tough to do.  Not to worry we can probable work something out, I'll do the best I can to help support you. 
So, I hoped I answered all the main questions for you. If your interested  please stop by and if your medical doctor has any concerns please feel free to have them call the office and I will try to answer any questions or concerns they may have and do my best to help support you on your journey to optimal health!
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