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I have a very special interest in kidney disease. Being a two-time kidney transplant recipient and being drug free for over 14 years since my last transplant, that is to say I take no antirejection drugs. I bring this experience as well as 22 years of being a clinician and 13 years of teaching helping to provide you with optimal understanding and care of your health issue. I works along with other health care practitioners and offers total transparency to those practitioners willing to work as a team for your total health care needs.


I use certain Polyphenolic compounds, Botanical medicine, Classical homeopathy, NET, Nutrition/Diet, and Structural Realignment as my main therapeutic modalities.


Special interest in:​

  1. IgA nephropathy

  2. FSGS

  3. Polycystic kidney disease

  4. Diabetic and hypertensive renal disease

  5. Reflux nephropathy

  6. Dialysis and related symptoms e.g. itching, nasea, aches, lack of appetite.

  7. Transplantation - pre and post support


Dr. Quinn Rivet, “The Kidney Guy”


Over the past 20 years scientific research suggests several common pathways are involved in kidney disease. The research qualifies certain molecules involved in kidney disease for therapeutic targeting. Defining the next step in the therapeutic targeting in nephrology follows the concept of decreasing these molecules that are involved in the progression of kidney damage, most notable free radicals, inflammatory cytokines, growth factors, hormones, and molecules involved in DNA replication known as transcription factors. Each of these factors can be affected by non-pharmacological means. Recent addition  to accessible laboratory tests which are specifically designed to follow the levels of these therapeutic targets are now available. Tracking the levels of these targets allows for better insight into patient treatment and outcome supporting the sustained functional mass of the kidney. Support for those on dialysis or those who have transplants is also available.


I will take and manage your case based on the latest research findings, my 20 years of clinical experience, 13 years of teaching pathology, laboratory diagnosis and nutrition, and my experience as a two time renal transplant recipient, giving me optimal insight and care into your case.

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