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When it comes to the healing professions, wisdom means knowing what it takes, understanding all the factors that are necessary in the healing process. It is not limited to making the correct diagnosis and applying the proper medication or surgical procedure. Wisdom incorporates the attitude of caring along with all of one’s training, experience, and knowledge of disease. It is the combination of all of these factors that we can call wisdom.

Both my mother and father passed from cancer, one of my sisters is a breast cancer survivor, I understand, it is a difficult time, but know we are here if you need us.

There are adjunctive options we use at the clinic to help support your health during your process. Whether it is IV vitamin C (refer to IV vitamin C page), herbals to support your total body, certain nutrients to support you through chemo-therapy, radiation or surgery, relaxation acupuncture or you just need someone to talk to we are here to help. 

If you are interested you can book a free introductory visit to see if the clinic is right for you and your needs.

Try to remember; you are not alone and you are deeply loved.

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